Marketing Graduate Kate Goldsmith pitches DIT as her Top Choice

KATEKate Goldsmith graduated in 2010 with a BSc in Marketing from the School of Marketing at DIT College of Business and currently works as New Business Manager for one of Ireland’s most reputable creative agency’s- Boys and Girls. Kate was happy to share with us her experience studying at DIT and her career to date in the marketing arena.

Tell us a about your role at Boys and Girls?

I’m currently working in new business and marketing for Boys and Girls, a creative agency based in Portobello in Dublin. My role is essentially to bring in new business for the agency, so looking for new clients which involves pitching and ensuring that we’re being considered when a client is looking for a new agency. In addition to this, my role encompasses PR and marketing for the agency; so making sure our work is pushed out in the right channels, in front of the right audience and making sure the Boys and Girls brand is represented properly. Before this, I worked in agencies in London, in a similar role so I’ve gained a lot of experience in how to pitch effectively.

What do you love about your role and the company? 

Boys and Girls is a great place to work – and in particular, my role means that I’m constantly working on new project and on new pitches. Also, because of the nature of pitches, I get to work with people from across the agency from every department which is great. In terms of the agency – the culture at Boys and Girls is what makes the agency. The partners who set it up back in 2009 are still running the place, and it’s 100% independent. From a social point of view, it’s great craic too – we have regular social events and wine clubs, whiskey tastings and parties. Oh and when it’s your birthday, you get a free day off and the entire agency sings Happy Birthday to you as loud as possible, with enough cake & doughnuts to feed an army!

Boys and Girls Office Space with mantra- ‘Great Work, Works’.

For students applying for CAO now, what advice would you give them on choosing DIT as their top choice? 

DIT was certainly a great choice for me, the way the college is set up means that you get smaller classes and more engagement with the lecturers. For me, the thought of going to a much larger university, with 200 in your lecture hall was never going to work – I much preferred having our class (there was about 30 of us I think) and we all got to know the lecturers. It meant that lecturers are more interactive and you get more from them, than just taking notes from 20 rows back. In particular, for Marketing, the course was great. I studied the BSc in Marketing which had a real focus on marketing as a specialism, within an overall structured business course. So, if you’ve an interest in Marketing I would highly recommend.

”DIT was certainly a great choice for me, the way the college is set-up means that you get smaller classes and more engagement with the lecturers.”

What was your favourite thing about DIT College of Business? 

For me the location was fantastic – I live in Dublin so it was easy to get to and from college every day. But aside from that, a central location in the middle of Dublin was brilliant. Lots of time for exploring new lunch options! And of course – the friends. My college crew came to my wedding and we now have a rolling tapas dinner catch-up date where we all meet up, so it’s a great place to make friends.


One of DIT’s Erasmus programme destinations- Grenoble, France

Did you enjoy the option of work experience or Erasmus as part of the programme?

I took part in the Erasmus programme in Grenoble, France. Erasmus is a great option, if you can do it. It means you get to study abroad, obviously, but also forces you out of your comfort zone, to make new friends, try new things, study in a new language! It can be daunting, but doing it with your classmates and friends means you have the best experience.

Kate Goldsmith is a graduate from the School of Marketing, DIT College of Business and is currently working at Boys and Girls, a Creative Agency based in Dublin. 



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