From Cologne to Dublin- a Strategic Move

Muhammet Koese

Muhammet Koese is currently studying MSc Strategic Management at DIT College of Business as a part-time student, whilst also working full-time at Wrike, a growing start-up. 

I started my academic path at the University of Cologne which is one of the best in Germany in the field of business. However, the international environment always tempted me to consider undertaking my Masters abroad. As recommended by former Professors, I first decided to gain some work experience before progressing to a masters.

The city of Cologne, Germany

Due to my interest in living and working in an English-speaking country, I decided to move to Dublin in 2013 and started working for UPS. The international colleagues helped me to improve my English much quicker and after a year I was promoted to work as a German native for the Irish sales department at UPS. This experience challenged me but with management believing in me and my eagerness to do well I was very successful. After two and half years working for UPS I decided to undertake a Masters because I thought it is the right time and it would support my career.  At the same time, I decided to leave UPS due to my interest in the IT industry and I joined Oracle.

The University of Cologne, Germany

Joining Oracle helped me to learn a lot about the IT industry and the fact that I had limited experience challenged me again.  I decided to undertake the MSc in Strategic Management at DIT to support my development as I entered into the challenge of a new role, in a new sector.

Dublin’s iconic skyline in the business district

Moreover, the extra demand with the Masters required me to manage my time better due to the need to balance work with assignments and exams.   The two nights per week worked well for me as I could combine work and study very well.  A particular bonus of the Strategic Management programme was that the assignments and group work improved my soft skills as the group work required working with people from other industries and countries (essential in a role I was yet to take-up where I interact with colleagues from Europe, Asia and the US!).  You really learn from the experience of the class mates which made the classes more interactive and enjoyable.  While working at the same time is a challenge the benefit was that I could really apply the theory covered in the class room in practice on a day to day basis.

In particular the program helped me personally to find my passion in learning and also, take on new challenges.  While on the programme I developed a particular interest in new start-up business and entrepreneurship due to undertaking the Entrepreneurship stream.   During the course we interacted with people who were in the early stages of new business developments which I found invigorating.   When an opportunity arose to join a growing Start-Up called Wrike who offer Project Management Software I decided to leave the comfort of an established company for the excitement of a start-up environment.

A screenshot of Wrike’s Project Management Software

At Wrike I am an Account Executive for the German speaking countries and Turkey.   There is a big difference between a corporation and a start-up. What I find impressive is that start-ups are very quick in adapting to new market changes and customer feedback. My experience at big cooperation’s was that it is very difficult to pass on feedback from customers in order to  improve things. Besides, at a start-up you have the opportunity to speak more regularly to C-Level executives which gives you another opportunity to share your opinion and give feedback. Although our offices are spread across three different continents ( Europe, Asia and America ) we are in constant contact with the use of advanced technology.

My current role is exposing me to the challenges start-ups are facing.  Therefore I chose to write about it in my final thesis. The topic is about determining a successful sales process and my research includes examining state of the art thinking on the topic.  Moreover it is interesting to see how the existing research aligns with the practical work of companies.   I hope to develop some useful advice for start-ups regarding the sales process.

Muhammet Koese- current part-time student- MSc Strategic Management 


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